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1. Name
2. Father Name  
3. Date of Birth
4. Present Address 
5. Permanent Address
6. Nationality 
7. Professional Qualification
    Date of Qualification   
Other post Graduate Qualification
(if any)  
8. B. M. D. C. Registration     
9. Experience after Medical Graduation
10. Duration of General Practice
Period From
11. Publications (if any)
12. Any Other Contribution (if any)
13. Subject of Dissertation in FCGP Course
(any one of the following).
14. Enclosure
(a) Three copies of passport sized recent photograph
(b) Photo copies of Professional qualification certificates
(c) Photo copy of B.M.D.C. registration certificate
(d) Proof of BPMPA Life Membership
(e) Photo copy of the receipt of the course fees
I hereby certify that the above Statement is and correct
Signature of Candidate
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